Most Popular Bathroom Trends for 2018

Are you thinking of renovating or updating your bathroom? Here are some of the latest trends in bathroom design for 2018, to help you out before you begin. Dezign Market is constantly sourcing the latest in bathroom furniture and accessories. For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of next year’s most popular designs, colors and materials to welcome style and beauty to your bath space.

Single and Double Vanity with MINERALE

VANITÉ 50” / 60” Single Vanity 80” Double Vanity with MINERALE integrated sink countertops paired with a beautiful Black Walnut Top Storage and Interior Drawers

  1. Go Green: One of the best, modern trends in bathroom design is bringing in natural materials. Organic shapes, natural woods and stones are a winning combination for a modern and relaxed bath experience. Dezign Market offers a variety of bathroom vanities with natural wood materials in ash, black walnut, and ebony Macassar. Vanities are paired with natural marble countertops like Carrara White Marble, Nero Marquina or our newest MINERALE Solid Surface made with 60% natural minerals.
your very own vertical garden in the bathroom

A lush living wall to create your very own vertical garden in the bathroom, the moisture will keep plants healthy while cleaning the air

  1. Living Walls: Create a spa oasis by introducing living plants into your interior décor. A living wall may not be a practical choice for all bathrooms but a touch of an orchid or small fern is a beautiful way to revitalize the space while adding clean air, fresh oxygen and filtering out pollutants. Not only do many plants add colour and beauty, they are also perfectly suited to humid bathroom habitats.
  2. Gray & White Bathrooms: Neutral tones of grays and whites are still the most popular color choices for bathroom interiors. Use these subtle tones alongside patches of colour through clever accessorizing in wallpapers, paints, marble tiles, bathroom vanities, bathtubs and finishes. The GODI Miller Collection features one of our most popular bathroom vanities for its classic matte white or charcoal gray colours, which are easy to pair with many stylistically different bathrooms.
Modern Parisian style bathroom

Modern Parisian style bathroom with His and Her Miller 32” vanities, gorgeous neutral shades of grey and white

  1. His and Her Vanity Sets: With larger bathrooms, separate spaces for his and her vanities are a practical way to organize your life and free up more time in your morning routine. Whether placed side by side or across the room from each other, the inclusion of a his and her vanity set creates symmetry and adds extra storage space to your bathroom design. If you don’t have the room for two separate vanities, consider adding a double vanity for the function of two sinks and separate storage areas which can be used side by side. The VANITÉ 80”W DOUBLE VANITY from the DESARTÉ product line is an excellent example of a large, spacious furniture product which features two faucets and sinks as well as storage options for both his and her side.
Master bath project Toronto

Master bath project in Toronto Foresthill area displaying a large walk-in shower with striking black and white design

  1. Oversized, Master Suite Walk-in Showers: Within our new collections we welcome large, spacious shower areas with impressive full-length paneled marble walls and glass enclosures. These oversized, designer showers create an environment that is functional and accessible for all users, and are a simple, flexible approach to modern bathroom design.
Elegant 41” Single Vanity

Elegant 41” Single Vanity displaying hidden side storage and North American 35” Single Vanity displaying hidden interior drawers with loads of bottom drawer space

  1. Innovative Storage Solutions: What we tend to like most about our bathroom is space and storage capability, which is why space optimization is one of the number one priorities most homeowners have when renovating or updating their bathrooms. The cleaner the space the larger the interior seems, which is why implementing smart storage solutions is always a good idea. Smaller areas such as powder rooms and condominium bathrooms can often benefit from storage solutions such as large drawers, hidden interior drawers and push to open vanities, which save space and allow you to limit clutter.
MINERALE Drawer with handless design

PURO Collection offers a sleek MINERALE Drawer with handless design and seamless Nero Marquina or Carrara White Marble countertop

  1. Minimalist Vanity Cabinets: Clean cabinets and simple handles ensure a clutter-free design to keep things balanced with minimalist cabinet shapes. These modern bathroom vanities are some of our most popular products. Our DESARTÉ collection is handle-free and offers a push-to-open and close drawer mechanism which saves room and shows off the fine wood finishes.
 luminous LED Mirrors

Our selection of luminous LED Mirrors include Circular LED lights with soft touch switch, under-cabinet LED lights with integral light switch, clear framed mirrors with edge glow. Available in many sizes from 30”, 36”, 48”, 50”, 60”, 80”

  1. Large, Luminous Mirrors: Creating the look of a larger bathroom is easy with a larger, more defined mirror. One of 2018’s top trends is the installation of large, luminous mirrors that reach from vanity top to ceiling height. LED illuminated mirrors offer extra lighting, and are a beautiful way to define and highlight your bathroom’s interior. Dezign Market offers several large, unique mirror décor solutions within the DESARTÉ line as well as the Miller Collection.


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