4 Unique Tricks Toronto Homeowners are Using in Bathroom Design

As a homeowner, you know the difference unique, modern bathroom interior makes in making your bathroom pleasant in aesthetic, and functional in use. Many homeowners in Toronto need to deal with small spaces, restrictions in building plans and conservation, condo-sizing and old, outdated fixtures. One of the keys to creating beautiful, modern bathroom interiors is using your existing space to it’s maximum capacity. This involves taking into account your space, budgeting from the get-go and matching fixtures and plumbing to your existing layout. When looking for luxury bathroom furniture in the Toronto area, or planning a bathroom renovation, it’s imperative to contact a professional who can help you take full advantage of your space. Here at Dezign Market, we know how difficult it can be to select the best bathroom furniture for the space. For this reason, we’ve assembled a number of tips you can use when shopping for your upcoming bathroom upgrade.

1. Get Smart with Storage

Modern bathroom vanities and furniture combine smart storage with unique, luxury touches. For example, combine any of our Salle or Vanite bath vanities with space-saving, wall-mounted mirrored medicine cabinets for the timeless look of a wall spanning mirror, with the added storage space of multi-paneled cabinetry. Our large, extensive bathroom vanities feature solid wood inlaid shelves, and plenty of hidden drawer room.

You can customize your vanity with shelves, drawers and integrated medical outlets to keep your countertops free of wires and other clutter.

2. Play Around with Texture

Nobody wants to be limited to single textured bathroom design, however, in many old-fashioned home interiors bathrooms were designed to be uniform, matching in wall and floor tiling. This outdated look can be remedied with varieties in colour and texture in your bathroom scheme. High-end bathroom furniture stores in Toronto embrace design trends such as transitional, rustic wood furniture, gold-accented furniture and accessories, and eclectic lighting. Ideas such as the introduction of a solid ash wood vanity from the ADMC Isabella collection of GODI or some of our Swarovski Crystal Inlay furniture knobs and accents are unique, modern pieces designed to accent and revitalize your bathroom interior with texture and pattern.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Mix materials with tile, woods, countertop stone and wall colours. The Dezign Market Desarte collection is stylistically modern, allowing for easy complementation with rich hues such as greens, blues and reds. Don’t be afraid to commit to more than just monochrome, and enrich your bathroom with lively colors, or natural accents such as living walls and plant life.

Shower curtains, towels, storage baskets, bath mats and soap dispensers can easily be colour matched to bring in some extra life, if you’re not ready to commit to complete interior décor.

4. Remember the Importance of Light

One particular thing is on the top of our lists when it comes to bathroom design. From a powder room, to a mud-room, to a master suite bathroom, if improperly illuminated, the bathroom will simply never look it’s best. When addressing your bathroom usage, remember to focus on the most used elements of your bathroom: the shower, the bathtub, the sink and vanity, and the toilet. We recommend opting for uniform pieces of lighting, or mixing statement pieces with recessed lighting. Recent trends in LED lighting of mirrors and ceilings make this much easier, with soft white light in your vanity creating modern ambience which can then be supplemented with a few pot-lights. Our frameless LED illuminated mirrors are the perfect combination of reflection and lighting, and provide your bathroom with the modern, luxury aspect it needs. Toronto homeowners remedy closed, dark enclosures away from natural lighting in homes or condos with precisely this, layered style of lighting to get the most out of their designs.

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