When buying bathroom furniture, you’re making a variety of decisions about the materials you’re using and the products you’re buying. Most bathroom furniture and vanity products are currently being made from MDF, or medium density fibreboard. You may be wondering what the difference between MDF, Plywood and Hardwood are, especially when buying vanities for your bathroom. To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve assembled a guide to buying wood or wood-by-product furniture and vanities. Learn more below!


Plywood is a manufactured wood product, made from multiple layers of plies of thin wood glued together to form panels of a desired thickness. Generally, the plies are oriented so that the grain of a single ply is oriented 90 degrees relative to adjacent plies, creating a stronger, more durable wood product. Plywood can be made from both soft and hardwoods in a variety of grades and strengths. Furniture grade plywood is a more durable choice than MDF, and is less expensive than hardwood. It’s ideas for cabinets, desks, storage containers and any surfaces as it’s durable, and less susceptible to warping with weather changes.


Dezign Market’s Desarté line is made from furniture grade plywood and inlaid real wood veneers. View our line of hypermodern, wood accented vanities and cabinets.


Solid wood or hardwood is produced from slabs of wood sawn from logs and kiln dried. This process reduced moisture content in the wood and increases its strength and dimensional stability, resulting in a beautiful product used in places where the aesthetic value matters most. Despite the strengthening process, hardwood is prone to warp, shrinking and expanding and cracking in varying temperatures. Often, hardwood is used in combination with plywood: as in cabinetry where plywood interiors are concealed with hardwood edging.

All of our Godi line is completely made of FSC certified select hardwood. Products such as the Noble NS-15 46” Single Vanity and the Miller Collection SW-600 24” Single Vanity are full, marble top vanities created with beautiful, carefully selected hardwoods finishes with an eco friendly lacquer for water, stain and mildew protection.

Medium Density Fibreboard

MDF is an engineered wood composite which is similar to particle board, but much denser. MDF is created when sawdust is mixed with binders and pressed into larger sheets. It’s composed of small wood fibers, meaning there is no wood grain. In order to use it in cabinetry and furniture creation, it needs to be coated in a manufactured, printed plastic surface. While it’s more resistant to warp than hardwoods, it’s stain resistant, difficult to work with and contains high amounts of VOC’s created during the manufacturing process. While it can be made to be water-resistant, and less prone to warp as temperatures and humidity rise, it’s overall a far less durable substitute to real wood or plywood crafted furniture.

Dezign Market’s SALLÉ 60”W Double Vanity among other products features a beautiful mixture of extension drawers in black walnut/maple interior finish and wide panels finishes in Black Walnut, Ebony Macassar or Matte White Lacquer.


The advantages of using hardwoods and plywood are significant, in that they can be used to create lasting, beautiful furniture and vanities which last for decades or even centuries with the proper care. The unparalleled beauty, classical style and excellent durability of solid wood products equals a product for which there are no alternatives. While hardwood or plywood products are more expensive, the investment is worth the extended lifespan and beauty of your purchase. New technologies and lacquer finishes such as those seen in Dezign Market’s Desarté and Godi collections allow homeowners to experience the advantages of beautiful real wood finishes and lasting, warp-resistant creations.

Dezign Market’s unique vision aims to provide the Canadian and United States markets with beautiful, modern designs in bathroom products such as pedestal sinks, solid wood bathroom vanities, unique, modern bathroom vanities, wall décor mirrors, free-standing bathtubs, sinks, showers, columns, ledgestone and Swarovski crystal collections. Call or email us at 1-888-398-8380 or Our teams can help you with your shopping needs, and will direct you to the nearest retailer which stocks our product lines. Dezign Market is your number one choice for high quality bathroom furniture in Canada, serving Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and all areas in between.