Presenting Our 2016 Designer Series Featuring Interior Designer, Heather Segreti

“Everyone needs a little GOLD”, says Heather Segreti, principal of Segreti Design an interior design firm focusing on residential interiors exclusively in the luxury home sector. Today the talented team serves savvy clientele throughout Toronto and other prestigious areas of the Greater Toronto Area. “2017 is all about GOLD and mixing metals to excite spaces. Making a statement with the unexpected is always good design.”

XZ-01 Noble Collection with Circular Champagne Finished Mirror

For our 2016 Designer Series we asked designers to pick their favorite GODI Bathoom vanity and to create a look according to their design aesthetic and innovative inspirations. Heather picked our signature Champagne finished XZ-01 from our Noble Collection simply in her words “It made me happy!”

With opulent carvings and swarovski element inlayed into the jade countertop, base and handles it is one of our most adorned pieces.

Always exciting and original, Heather changed the elaborately carved mirror to a contemporary circular fit. Follow Heather as she describes her bathroom design choices:

Detail of the Traditional Lines of XZ-01 and the Swarovski Element Inlays within the Jade Countertop

2017 Design Trend: GOLD!

I personally love the idea of marrying this GODI Gilded vanity with its traditional lines to a transitional or contemporary clean line space. Gold is pushing forward in the world of interior design as a new metal of choice for many designers.

Gold has taken a back seat for many years in the design world, only to recently emerge as a much-coveted addition to any very current design. People love the warmth and elegance that it brings to their space. They also love the idea of mixing the metals and creating their own unique look…I am excited to explore this trend!

Royal Blue Chain Link Mosaic by Bissazza Tile / Striking Black and White Contemporary Artwork / Flooring Options – Top: Calacatta Marble, Bottom: Nero Marquina Marble

How to Balance GOLD in your Interior

Gold is a great accent to any space. We typically wear metals to enhance our own bodies and make us feel special and fully dressed for the occasion. The same rules apply to your interior design, and accessorizing at home. Typically Gold was considered the ultimate luxury and coveted by many. For this reason I like to use Gold in key locations to add that touch of elegance – a little goes a long way.

Pairing Gold will work with any colour palette. My preference is to use it with other royal colours as accents similar to the royal blue in the chain link mosaic below by Bissazza Tile. I also love the idea of a neutral backdrop of black, and shades of white or cream.

How to Pair Accessories

I like to balance out the masculine and feminine lines within a space. For instance:

  • The structure of the mosaic tiles compared to the cabriole leg of the vanity
  • The graphic black and white artwork that follows the feminine lines of the vanity
  • The masculine crystal globe with brass panther mounted on top
  • The bold striping on the pillow versus the curves of the heart pillow

Philosophy on Designing the Perfect Bathroom

First the Goal is to establish your own definition of luxury, and then, make your bathroom meet that definition. Make your bathroom as elegant as any luxury hotel bathroom with all the amenities that you love.

It is one of the most used rooms in our homes specifically the master ensuite. My advice to all is not to waver, but to do what you really want, and you will not regret it! You will enjoy every day in your NEW luxury washroom space.

Heather Segreti, Interior Designer