What makes a powder room unique? You may be thinking that with such a small space, there are limited design options that can turn your powder room into a focal point within your home. Despite the powder room being fairly basic, you can easily create an interesting design. Many homeowners are using these small spaces to experiment with colour, material and style. Instead of matching your powder room to your larger bathrooms, you can always use this space to create a statement interior in any style. If you’re worried about how to arrange your powder room, read these design tips and tricks that we’ve accumulated to help your process:

  1. Be careful not to overwhelm your space: As a powder room of half-bath is such a small space, it can lend itself to experimentation. However, with a small space it’s also very easy to overwhelm your design. A good powder room avoid clutter by keeping décor to a minimum, meaning it’s far easier to use sparse, transitional or contemporary furnishing rather than a heavy ornate vanity. In general, try to keep it to a single statement element, and use subtle materials and designs such as stone, marble or granite for the rest.

The Godi Dancing Room and Isabella collections feature smart, subtle vanities which add statement using colour and classic design while preventing the personality of the piece from being the main focal point of the room. The Dancing Room H-02 28″ Vessel Sink Vanity can be combined with a statement mirror for creative, subtle and unique piece that will work well with any powder room interior.

  1. Opt for compact choices: When choosing a vanity, remember to plan according to your storage needs and bathroom’s space capacity. A cluttered final product never looks good, and avoiding clutter allows your final space to look cleaner and more refined. Try to choose a vanity which will facilitate storage, reduce mess and clutter and allows you to freely move around in your area. Smart storage options and push to open cabinetry is particularly important when thinking about such a tiny area.

The ADMC Elegant collection’s C-05 31” Single Vanity embraces modern design and geometric beauty by combining diamond cut forms with white gloss finish. Featuring push to open drawers and a hanging wall-mounted design, it frees up your space and adds a modern focal point to your powder room design.

  1. Consider a statement piece: With very small spaces, a statement piece such as a pedestal or mounted sink are both interesting and reduce the clutter of the room. Overall, the layout of your powder room should maximize the square footage. Opt for a pedestal if you do not require much storage space, but want to limit the functionality of your area.

duo pedestal

The Desarté Puro 22” Pedestal or the Dancing Room H-23 25″ Vessel Sink are accent pieces which offer spectacular, distinctive style and functional positioning capacity.

  1. Purchase a transitional vanity: A new trend in powder rooms is the inclusion of a transitional vanity. These vanities merge style and ornament with the casual, laid back approach of modern, clean lines and rectangular forms. This interesting blend takes something from the old and something from the new, offering classical style and modern function. Used in a powder room, a transitional vanity can be the statement piece you are looking for to create a unique, accented look.

The Isabella collection features a variety of transitional vanity items and sets. Among them, the Y-13 32″ Single Vanity, crafted from FSC certified ash wood and varnished for protection against water, mildew and stain.

  1. Go ultra-modern: The ultra-modern is all about minimalism, clean lines and finishes and creative storage. Combining oversized, LED Illuminated cabinets and mirrors and hard edges, ultra-modern décor is becoming a staple in bathroom interiors. This hyper-contemporary, high powered look can easily be a part of your powder room. Installing a bold vanity alongside an oversized mirror and clean set of shelves creates a sophisticated, inventive contemporary bathroom style.

Single bathroom vanity

The Desarté VANITÉ 36”W Single Vanity is an excellent example of a space saving, smart vanity perfect for an ultra-modern interior. Featuring handleless, high performance BLUM push-to-open mechanisms and a solid surface integrated countertop, this vanity is sleek, smooth and beautiful.

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