How to Update your Bathroom Interior Without Remodeling

 Tips for Style and Function

Your bathroom interior may need some upgrades, but you don’t want to invest in a full renovation. We know the feeling; it’s difficult to allocate time and budget, and lose the use of your bathroom for a longer time. Some bathrooms never seem to go out of style, while many things which were once popular, are now impossible to look at without cringing. If your bathroom is one of the latter, don’t despair yet. It’s possible to remedy your space without investing too much into actual changes. Read through some of our helpful tips, and update your bathroom interior without renovation.

Update the Fixtures

Wow, what a no brainer! Do you have one of those old, wooden bathroom vanities, illuminated by giant sconces? Or better yet, a hanging sink with exposed plumbing and faded, yellowing ceramic? We can feel you shuddering through your computer screen… No matter the existing bathroom, there’s always room for improvement. Dezign Market stocks a number of modern fixture upgrades such as solid wood vanities, high-end bathroom furniture, decorative items and wood framed mirrors.

Consider updating your pedestal sink to a vanity, and gain on storage space. Sometimes, a simple change to an item is enough to completely transform the way your bathroom looks and feels. Upgrade your heavy, vintage mirror for a modern, frameless medicine cabinet or an LED illuminated bathroom mirror, which can give your bathroom that unique edge, and lighting scheme.

Paint Your Walls

Or, take down that terrible wallpaper and opt for classical colouring instead. A single coloured scheme will attract attention to your tiles, and create a more sophisticated, modern look about your cabinets, vanity and decorations. Try to pair your towels and accessories to the created colour scheme, and remember to alternate shades and textures for a more cohesive scheme.

Another suggestion we always tell our customers is that if you have a busy floor (i.e. patterned tiles, heavy texture stone, etc.) the best thing is to keep the walls as simple as possible, to avoid a clashing, overly violent scheme. In the eventuality that your bathroom is already heave on pattern, opt for more classic, modern furniture to subdue the interior and draw the eyes away from clashing patterns.

Paint Your Tiles

Yes! You can do this. With oil based primer, and durable paint, you can revive those awful patterned colours and focus the attention elsewhere. Remember to consult with a professional if attempting to pain, as this is most likely something which will make you end up replacing the tiles should it go poorly.

Be Strategic with Decoration

Dezign Market’s LED Frameless Mirrors come with a centre lit panel is an excellent example of unique decorative accents, which creates a new focal point in your bathroom interior. Using purposeful decoration, you can mitigate attention from your out of date tiles or fixtures, and connect the colours within your bathroom interior. Our Swarovski Crystal artworks or accents are perfect for adding sparkle and lustre, and drawing attention away from the unrefined portions of your interior you want to hide.

Another idea is as simple as a new shower curtain, painting or bathmat. Colourful accent pieces are excellent when strategically chosen to enliven a boring interior, while opposite shades of accessories and art pieces can draw attention away from any clashing, eyesore tiles and walls.

Make it Functional

We’re meant to be encouraging you to buy our large products and luxury bathroom vanities, but it’s not necessarily the best idea in all bathroom interiors. Instead of dramatically changing your bathroom’s style, you can always simply install features for comfort, versatility and ease of use. A frameless, mirrored medicine cabinet offers you more storage space, and the same look a frameless mirror might offer. Many older bathrooms don’t have enough towel bars, hooks or racks. Adding a wall-hung rack in the tile, or above it, will provide you with some necessary storage. Glass, or single-tone painted shelves can provide you with a more modern solution to your storage needs, and hold containers with all your daily necessities.

Adding simple storage containers and boxes can help to de-clutter your space, and add some visual cohesion to your interior.

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